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 RFPs in Publishing

Managing a journal in an association or society is fraught with challenges. How do I know I am working with the best publisher? Am I paying too much to the publisher? What services should I be receiving? Should I renew the current contract?

The Request for Proposal or RFP process is an essential business task that the leadership and editorial directors at an association can deploy to ensure they are making the best decisions for the society’s members and the journal’s authors.

The Request for Proposal in Publishing: Managing the RFP Process is a focused guide to implementing this essential process. This brief hands-on guide was written by a leader in the scholarly publishing field, John Bond, who has 30 plus years’ experience in journal and book publishing. He last served as Chief Content Officer for a multi-million dollar international scholarly publisher before becoming a publishing consultant

The Request for Proposal in Publishing takes the reader through the following steps:

-How to Start the Process.

-How to Send the RFPs

-How to Create the RFP Document.

-How to Create a List of Potential Publishing Partners.

-How to Review and Score the Proposals.

-How to Negotiate with the Final Candidates.

-What Happens Once the Contract is Signed.

And all the others in between. The book includes a detailed Appendix of how to find potential publishing partners to receive the RFP, including a list of key potential publishing partners.


John Bond has written an essential guide for all the society personnel that direct a journal or other publishing endeavor. A well-managed and well-published journal can bolster a society’s bottom line, extend the association brand, reach potential new members, and lead to greater member satisfaction. The Request for Proposal in Publishing: Managing the RFP Process gets the society started on these key goals by a successful Request for Proposal.

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