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The Little Guide to Getting Your Journal Article Published

Preface          Helping Authors Communicate Their Message

Introduction  How to Use this Book

Section  I      Getting Started

Chapter 1      Starting with a Purpose

Chapter 2      Defining Your Idea or Topic

Chapter 3      Developing a Plan                      

Chapter 4      Developing a Timeline

Chapter 5      Performing a Literature Review

Chapter 6      Choosing an Article Type or Format                     

Chapter 7      Targeting Your Ideal Readers

Chapter 8      Deciding on Sole or Co-Authorship

Section II      Selecting Potential Journals for Submission

Chapter 9      Understanding Journal Publishing

Chapter 10    Understanding Peer Review

Chapter 11    Comparing Open Access to Other Journal Models

Chapter 12    Getting to Know a Journal

Chapter 13    Considering Preprints

Chapter 14    Using Journal Finder Tools

Chapter 15    Reviewing Guidelines for Authors and Style Manuals

Chapter 16    Deciding Whether to Query Potential Journals

Chapter 17    Determining a Final Target List of Potential Journals

Section  III    Writing Your Article

Chapter 18    Understanding the Parts of an Article

Chapter 19    Writing Your Article

Chapter 20    Adding Figures, Tables, and References

Chapter 21    Editing Your Article

Chapter 22    Getting Your Article Reviewed Before Submission

Section  IV    Submitting Your Article

Chapter 23    The Final Review

Chapter 24    Submitting Your Article

Chapter 25    Waiting for a Decision

Chapter 26    Receiving a Decision and What Follows

Section V     Publication at Last

Chapter 27    Understanding the Publication Process

Chapter 28    Marketing Your Work: Read this Chapter!

Chapter 29    Afterward: Continuing Writing and Advancing Your Career

Chapter 29    What is CHORUS?


Appendix      Sample Forms
Publication Plan

Journal Comparison Chart




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