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The Little Guide to Getting Your Book Published

Foreword: A Detailed Road Map

Preface: Helping Authors Get Their Book Published

Introduction: How to Use This Book


Part I: Getting Started

Chapter 1: Starting with a Purpose

Chapter 2: Understanding the Difference between a Book, Textbook, and Monograph?

Chapter 3: Defining Your Idea or Topic

Chapter 4: Developing a Title and Summary

Chapter 5: Defining Your Ideal Reader or Customer

Chapter 6: Deciding on Sole or Co-Authorship

Part II: Writing Your Manuscript

Chapter 7: Developing a Plan

Chapter 8: Developing a Timeline

Chapter 9: Understanding the Parts of the Book

Chapter 10: Creating Chapter Outlines

Chapter 11: Writing Your First Draft

Chapter 12: Adding Tables and Figures

Chapter 13: Keeping Track of Sources and References

Chapter 14: Editing Your Work

Chapter 15: Getting Feedback from Reviewers

Chapter 16: Finalizing Your Manuscript


Part III: Selecting a Book Publishing Model

Chapter 17: Understanding Book Publishing

Chapter 18: Considering Self-Publishing

Chapter 19: Finding a Publisher

Chapter 20: Finding an Agent

Chapter 21: Creating a Book Proposal and Query Letter

Chapter 22: Getting Endorsements for Your Book

Chapter 23: Signing a Contract: Success!


Part IV: Getting Published

Chapter 24: Submitting Your Manuscript

Chapter 25: Understanding a Publisher’s Review and Addressing Revisions

Chapter 26: Accepted

Chapter 27: Envisioning a Cover Design

Chapter 28: Reviewing Page Proofs and the Final Steps


Part V: Your Published Book and the Importance of Marketing

Chapter 29: How a Publisher Markets and Promotes a Book

Chapter 30: What is an Author Promotional Platform and Why it Matters?

Chapter 31: Pursuing International Editions

Chapter 32: After Publication: Continuing the Journey


Appendix   Sample Form: Publication Plan


Suggested Reading



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