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The Little Guide to Getting Your Journal Article Published: Reviews

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This is an incredibly useful guide and not just for new academics seeking to publish their very first article. It is filled with great ideas and important reminders even for those of us who have published several articles in the past but need to publish our first article on a new project. This book should be provided to all new faculty at all universities that require publications before awarding tenure.

— Bill Carrigan, PhD, professor, history department, Rowan University

John Bond masterfully summarizes the academic journal article writing and publishing process into straight-forward, actionable advice based on his years of experience in the field. This 'Little Guide' will make a HUGE impact for new and experienced academic authors seeking publication of their next article.
— Eric Schmieder, ME, Computer Technology Instructor, Blue Ridge Community College, NC, Member Engagement Specialist, Textbook & Academic Authors Association


This is a must-read book for the new hired university professor. From practical advice about putting yourself first when establishing time management priorities to getting a sneak peek behind the mystical world of publishing, this book provides a foundation for a successful career in the publish or perish world of academia.
— Lori Smith Okon, MSW, LCSW, assistant professor, department of health sciences and social work, Western Illinois University


A delightful and comprehensive how-to guide applicable to all researchers, early or established, that eases you through the ongoing journey of publishing! Reading this book will inspire you to keep writing and stay on track!
— Dana Anaby, PhD, associate professor, McGill University


An informative, encouraging, and comfortable read. Without a doubt, the most useful book I have ever read on the subject of how to publish your writing.
— G. Arnell Williams, MS, Professor of Mathematics, San Juan College; author, “Algebra the Beautiful”


A clear, concise, and conversational guide to academic publishing. Each chapter is packed with useful information that demystifies the journey from idea to published article.
— Angela Melkisethian, Applications Systems Analyst, PLOS, Public Library of Science



John Bond’s The Little Guide to Getting Your Journal Article Published is a concise primer on the process of publishing a scholarly article. It will be especially useful for those new to publishing, but even veteran authors will find good advice just by dropping into one of the chapters, each illuminating a part of the process in a simple and engaging style.
— Luke Holbrook, PhD, professor, Department of Biological Sciences, Rowan University


John Bond’s book is a complete, concise handbook for completing and submitting a scholarly journal article. I love the project management style and the emphasis on working through a timeline.
— Carole Subotich, MD, pediatrician

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the academic publishing process, including important considerations such as selecting the right journal, collaborating with co-authors, working through the stages of publications, and responding to reviewers.
— Emil Chiauzzi, PhD, Scientific Director at Woebot Health

John Bond is to be commended for his work. I recommend this book to anyone looking to improve their writing.

— Brenda Vrkljan, PhD, OT, Professor, Occupational Therapy, School of Rehabilitation Science, McMaster University


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