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The Story of You: Table of Contents

Section I         Why Write?

Chapter 1        Why Take the Time?

Chapter 2        The Reasons Not to Write About You or Your Family


Section II        How To Get Started

Chapter 3        What Is a Family Story?

Chapter 4        Family Trees Are Important, Too

Chapter 5        Getting Started Is a Snap


Section III      What to Write About

Chapter 6        Telling the Story of You

Chapter 7        Telling the Story of Your Family or Others


Section IV      How to Create the Stories

Chapter 8        Expanding the List of Classics

Chapter 9        Finding the Right Format

Chapter 10      Conducting an Interview


Section V        How to Finish the Stories

Chapter 11      Revising and Editing Your Stories

Chapter 12      Accuracy in Storytelling

Chapter 13      Dealing With Difficult Topics

Chapter 14      Sharing Your Work


Section VI      What Tools Are Needed and What Can Be Done With Them

Chapter 15      Using the Right Tools

Chapter 16      Adding Memorabilia

Chapter 17      How to Present or Publish Your Stories

Chapter 18      Using a Personal Historian


Section VII     Gaining Inspiration

Chapter 19      Reading the Stories of Other People and Oral Histories


Section VIII   What Now?

Chapter 20      Are You Really Done?


Appendices    Coming Up With Ideas for Stories

Appendix A    219 Questions to Prime the Pump

Appendix B    21 Ways to Stir Up Memories

Appendix C    StoryCorps: A Must

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