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Scholarly Publishing: A Primer: Table of Contents

Preface          How Did This Book Come About?

Introduction  How to Use this Book and Who is it for?

Section  I       The Basics of Scholarly Publishing

Chapter 1      What is an Scholarly Publishing

Chapter 2      What is a Peer Review?

Chapter 3      What is the Difference Between Single-Blind and Double-Blind                            Peer-Review?

Chapter 4      What is a Monograph or Book?

Chapter 5      What is a Peer-Reviewed Journal?

Section II       The Basics of Open Access

Chapter 6      What is Open Access?

Chapter 7      What is Predatory Publishing?

Chapter 8      How to Review and Score the Proposals

Chapter 9      How to Transition a Journal to Open Access

Chapter 10    What are Open Educational Resources?

Chapter 11    What is Creative Commons?

Section  III     The Scholarly Journal and Monograph Publishing Landscape

Chapter 12    What is Impact Factor?

Chapter 13    Creating Journal Abstracts

Chapter 14    What is a Content Hub?

Chapter 15    What is a Preprint?

Chapter 16    What is a DOI?
Chapter 17    What is Cabell’s Whitelist and Blacklist?

Chapter 18    How to Choose a Printer

Section  IV     Marketing and Promotion in Scholarly Publishing

Chapter 19    How to Promote Scholarly Works

Chapter 20    What is Metadata?

Chapter 21    What is Discoverability?

Chapter 22    How to Perform a Social Media Audit

Chapter 23    What are Academic Social Networking Sites?

Chapter 24    How to Use Video in Promoting Scholarly Work

Chapter 25    How to Create a Video Channel

Section V       Organizations and Standards in Scholarly Publishing

Chapter 26    What is Figshare?

Chapter 27    What is Ringgold?

Chapter 28    What is FundRef?

Chapter 29    What is CHORUS?

Chapter 30    What is Crossmark?

Chapter 31    What is ORCID ID?

Chapter 32     What are Altmetrics?

Section VI      Rights and Licensing and More

Chapter 33    What is Licensing?

Chapter 34    What is Digital Rights Management?

Chapter 35    What is Plagiarism Checking Software?

Chapter 36    What is Sci-Hub?

Chapter 37    What is Text Mining?

Section VII     Trends in Scholarly Publishing and More

Chapter 38    What are the Trends in Scholarly Publishing?

Chapter 39    Using a Publishing Consultant

Appendix      Finding Potential Publishing Partners

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