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 RFPs in Publishing: Table of Contents

Preface         How Did This Book Come About?

Introduction  Who is This Book for and How to Use It?


Chapter 1      What is an RFP?

Chapter 2      What is an Association Publication?

Chapter 3      What is a Publisher?

Chapter 4      How to Start the Process

Chapter 5      How to Create the RFP Document

Chapter 6      How to Create a List of Potential Publishing Partners

Chapter 7      How to Send the RFPs

Chapter 8     How to Review and Score the Proposals

Chapter 9     How to Negotiate with the Final Candidates

Chapter 10   What about Self-Publishing?

Chapter 11   What Happens Once the Contract is Signed?

Chapter 12   Using a Publishing Consultant

Chapter 13   Final Advice on the Process


Appendix     Finding Potential Publishing Partners

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