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The Little Guide to Giving a Poster Presentation

Foreword: A 3-Credit Course in a Book

Preface: Helping Authors Communicate Their Message

Introduction: How to Use This Book


Part I: Getting Started

Chapter 1: What is a Poster Presentation?

Chapter 2: Why Give a Poster Presentation?

Chapter 3: Defining Your Topic

Chapter 4: Writing Your Topic and Abstract

Chapter 5: Who is Your Target Reader?


Part II: Securing Poster Presentation Opportunities

Chapter 6: Finding Venues to Present

Chapter 7: Finding Funding for Your Presentation

Chapter 8: Creating and Submitting Your Poster Presentation Proposal

Chapter 9: Giving Your Idea the Best Pitch


Part III: Creating Your Message

Chapter 10: Developing a Plan and Timeline

Chapter 11: Understanding the Parts of a Poster

Chapter 12: Creating a Content Outline

Chapter 13: Writing Your First Draft

Chapter 14: Deciding on What Information to Express Visually

Chapter 15: Keeping Track of Your Sources and References

Chapter 16: Editing Your Draft

Chapter 17: Following a Style Manual

Chapter 18: Getting Feedback from Colleagues and Reviewers


Part IV: Creating the Poster

Chapter 19: Getting Started

Chapter 20: Understanding Text Sizes, Layout, and More

Chapter 21: Using Whitespace and Color

Chapter 22: Creating Eye Catching Visuals

Chapter 23: Your Final Draft and Final Review

Chapter 24: Submitting and Printing Your Poster


Part V: Presenting Your Poster and Beyond

Chapter 25: Giving a Presentation

Chapter 26: Handouts, Networking, and Follow Ups

Chapter 27: Promoting Your Work

Chapter 28: Growing Your Poster into an Article and Beyond


Appendix    Sample Forms





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