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The Little Guide to Getting Your Book Published: Reviews

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John Bond has written a “Must Have” resource for people who are thinking about writing a book, individuals who are immersed in the writing process, and published authors.

Sheila N. Glazov, Bestselling Author and Speaker


If you’ve ever felt the pull to become an author, this book with all its practical, professional, and encouraging advice is a resource that will become an indispensable guidebook.

Danielle Rafferty, Teacher, Parent, and Writer


John Bond has the answers. He outlines the exact steps needed to take a vague idea or wish and have it become a concrete, published work.

Tom Murray, Senior Vice President, McCann - Erickson Advertising


John Bond delivers the complete package, without question THE best guide ever to becoming a published writer.

Jacqueline Poppalardo, Aspiring Writer


Demystifies the process of publishing in a way that will be invaluable for any new writer.  

Luke Holbrook, PhD, Rowan University 


I whole-heartedly recommend this book to anyone who aspires to be a published author. Its easy-to-read format is practical, focused, and helps turn a dream into reality.

Patricia A. Perry, Author


This great book about writing and publishing is easy to follow, with step-by-step instructions, and includes valid points about publishers and self-publishing.  

Karen DeFrank, Librarian


The road to publication will be a lot easier with the volume of practical tips found in this book. Use it as the tool that it is- a complete reference guide. And have fun along the way.

Janice Verhoek 

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