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You Can Write and Publish a Book: Table of Contents

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Preface: Sharing Your Experiences; Living Your Dream

Introduction: It is Really Short. Read It.


SECTION: You Can Become a Published Author

Chapter: Writing a Book is Simpler Than You Think

Chapter: Take This Self-Assessment Quiz

Chapter: Review Your Results


SECTION: It is Easy to Get Started

Chapter: Examine Your Motives

Chapter: Determining the Topic of Your Book

Chapter: Coming Up with a Title for Your Book

Chapter: Summarize Your Idea in a Few Words


SECTION: How to Write the Book

Chapter: Creating the Manuscript

Chapter: Getting Your Manuscript Reviewed


SECTION: How Will Your Book be Published

Chapter: Choosing Which Way to Publish Your Book

Chapter: Traditional Publishing

Chapter: Writing an Enticing Proposal

Chapter: Getting Great Endorsements for Your Book

Chapter: Finding a Publisher

Chapter: Finding an Agent

Chapter: Securing a Contract

Chapter: The Steps in Self-Publishing

Chapter: Choosing a Self-Publishing Partner

Chapter: How Self-Publishing Differs from Traditional Publishing


SECTION: What Happens During the Book Production Process

Chapter: How a Cover is Designed.

Chapter: How a Manuscript Becomes a Book


SECTION: How to Market and Promote Your Book

Chapter: The Importance of Marketing and Promotion, Whether Self-Published or Traditionally Published

Chapter: Marketing, Distribution, and Publicity

Chapter: Selling and Promoting Books


SECTION: Additional Tasks if Self-Publishing

Chapter: What Self-Publishers Need to Do


SECTION: The End of the Road

Chapter: Congratulations!

Chapter: Now Do It All Over Again



Appendix: Publishing Resources

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