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You Can Write and Publish a Book: Reviews

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This book is essential reading for writers striving to become successful published authors. I came across You Can Write and Publish a Book when already deep into developing my first novel. John opened my eyes to the full scope of the task, including key steps already missed. My project is confidently back on track thanks to John Bond.

Dan Kelsey, London


The voice you hear to follow your dream in You Can Write and Publish a Book is eminently genuine. John Bond delivers the complete package in his second edition, without question THE best guide ever to becoming a published writer.

Jacqueline Poppalardo, Aspiring Writer


You Can Write and Publish a Book demystifies the process of publishing in a way that will be invaluable for any new writer, whether you have a complete manuscript or an empty folder titled ‘My Novel.

Luke Holbrook, PhD, Rowan University

This great book about writing and publishing is easy to follow, with step by step instructions, and includes valid points about publishers and self-publishing.  If you’ve ever thought about writing that novel or how-to guide, this is the book you need.

Karen DeFrank, Librarian


You truly can write and publish…with a little help from your friend, John Bond.

Carolyn Wood, Director, West Deptford Free Public Library


You Can Write and Publish a Book is motivating enough in itself to jump start your writing career and get you headed in the right direction.


If you’ve ever felt the pull to become an author, this book with all its practical, professional, and encouraging advice is a resource that will become an indispensable guidebook.

Danielle Rafferty, Teacher, Parent, and Writer


The second edition of John Bond's incredibly helpful book includes important additions and changes that keep the book up to date with the latest changes in the publishing world.  At the same time, the new edition does not change the book's elegant simplicity for guiding anyone through the steps needed to get their stories into print.

William Carrigan, PhD, Author of The Forgotten Dead


You Can Write and Publish a Book is an inspiration. It will help writers who feel stuck to see what lies ahead so they can stay focused and on track. The writer’s dream is possible.

Rebecca Grubb, Aspiring Novelist

Earlier in my career I wrote what I hoped would be a roguishly different type of book on writing. Now John Bond comes along, teaches me great new lessons, and one-ups a good lot of the ‘old reliables.’ Without any flibbertygibbet language or hot-air-based cheerleading, Bond gives book wannabes and seasoned scriveners plenty of timely, fresh insights, true-grit tips—all wise and all’s fair. His book riveted and reinspired me. Tova Navarra, author of The Kids Guidebook: Great Advice to Help Kids Cope and 20 other books


I whole-heartedly recommend this book to anyone who aspires to be a published author. It’s easy-to-read format is practical, focused, and helps turn a dream into reality. Patricia A. Perry, author of The Haunting of the Owens Family


This book is a must have for anyone considering trying to become a published author! Johnny May, author of Johnny May’s Guide to Preventing Identity Theft


Excellent, clear, concise, and non-biased. Starving artist or subject matter expert, this book has something for everyone. Len Daws, Senior Engineering Manager, Lockheed Martin


A well-written book for anyone who aspires to become an author. A simple plan to follow and to achieve your goal. Walt LeVan, Captain USN (retired), World War II and Korean War Veteran


This is a great guide for anyone who wants to get published. Easy to use and straight to the point. Paul Blake, General Sales Manager, WMMR-FM Radio Station, Philadelphia, PA


This book is interesting, helpful and to the point. Everyone has a story. Maybe reading this book will get it published. Robert W. Scott, JD, Former Administrative Law Judge, New Jersey


John Bond brings his twenty years of experience to this extraordinary work. If you are considering becoming an author, you have to read this book! Barry Seibel, MD, physician and published author, Los Angeles, CA


If you want to write and publish a book, read this first. Bond’s conversational style of writing makes it seem easy. And maybe it is. Greg Bussy Marketing Manager, Oxford University Press


Not too often can you find pertinent, informative instruction presented in such an enjoyable format. What a valuable read! Joseph M. Celli, author of First Aid for Home Sellers


Employing a breezy style and an encouraging manner, John Bond guides you through the writing and publishing process. This is a must read for all budding authors. Dorothy Allen, School Media Specialist for the West Deptford School District, NJ.


You Can Write and Publish a Book is a very well written book from a professional writer with an easy-to-use plan to assist in writing and publishing a book. An extremely valuable resource. Dr. Robert A. Gray, Chair, Library Science and Instructional Technology Department, Kutztown University, Kutztown, PA


John Bond has the answers. Read You Can Write and Publish a Book now. It will help you start down the road to becoming a published author. You won’t regret it. Thomas Murray, Senior Vice President, McCann Erickson Advertising, from the Foreword


Got a book in you? For the pep talk you need to make it a reality, turn to John Bond. Grayson Barber, JD, First Amendment attorney and privacy advocate, Princeton, New Jersey


What an excellent resource. I am a huge supporter of this book for anyone looking to realize their potential. Nancy Beauchemin, President, InOutsource


This book is an extraordinary confidence booster for anyone dreaming of becoming an author. The page turning advice is a must have for every aspiring author. Bond empowers us all to share our untapped creativity. Barbara Pension Buseman, Librarian, St. Ignatius School, Yardley, PA


The process of writing and publishing your own book has just gotten a lot more comprehensive and practical thanks to this book. I recommend this resource for new writers and experienced writers as well. Harry Charles, Rutgers University Small Business Development Center, Camden, New Jersey.


I have considered writing a book for a long time and now that I am retired I am ready to begin. This book is the “How To” tool I have been searching for and now I can start the right way. Carol Roberts, Retired Teacher, Mount Ephraim, New Jersey


Insightful, instructive and impactive are how to describe this virtual bible on self-publishing. Avoid the pitfalls and get published with laser simplicity. Larry A. Glanz, author Guy Gets Girl, Girl Gets Guy and two other books.

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